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Tire Rotation Service in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Tires play an integral role in the performance of a vehicle and, no matter how stylish the vehicle may already be, tires do contribute cosmetically, as well. Examining the overall condition of your vehicle’s tires is recommended on a monthly basis to adequately track and monitor any potential damage that can occur over time. It is a simplistic routine, but one that can lead to unexpected stress and inconvenience if ignored.

Imagine running late for a meeting or appointment on one of those unlucky days of the year where anything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Add a flat tire to the mix of an already hectic morning, and now you have a whole new set of issues to deal with. More often than not, many of these unlucky events that unfold are well within your control. The only true rabbit’s foot in these scenarios is proper maintenance and regular examination.

Why do I need tire rotation service with proper tire alignment?


Uneven wear can occur on tires over time if they are not swapped around to different positions on the car every once in a while, especially when the weight of the front and rear axles vary significantly.

In most cases, tire rotation service is more important for front-wheel drive vehicles because the front tires bear much of the weight due to the engine placement at the front of the car. Because of this, there is more pressure being placed on those tires and, on top of that, these wheels are also the ones doing the steering, which also makes them more prone to uneven wear.

Tire alignment, on the other hand, is important for all tires on all vehicle types. Ensuring the tires are balanced and properly aligned in both the front and rear wheels ensures better mileage and performance, apt steering, and decreased wear and tear.

You can count on us.

Though it is a common service here in Ottawa, ON, few other companies have the knowledge and expertise to compare to us. After more than 60 years in business, the professional team at has an amazing track record for tire rotation service. To us, quality is always key. Here are some more reasons to stop by to take a look:

1. Huge Availability of Tires: At OttawaUsedTires, we cary a vast amount of tires in all sizes, types, and dimensions in-house, and no doubt have exactly what you’re looking for. Tires for any and all weather conditions, and spanning across all vehicle types, we have the set of tires right for you.

2. Get the Top Tire Brands: Just as vast as our variety of tire types, so too is our variety of tire brands. BF Goodrich, Yokohama, Cooper Tires, Falken Tires, Good Year, Gold Way, Dunlop, King Star, Federal, Spector, Toyo, Michelin, West Lake, Triangle Tires, Vredestein, Sunny — We carry them all, and much more!

3. Dependable Tire Condition: We offer both new and used tires to ensure you can find the right set of tires no matter your budget. With thorough cleaning and inspection of all tires available, regardless if you are purchasing new or used, you are getting a high quality tire in excellent condition.

4. Happiness Guaranteed: When you drive away with your professionally serviced car, or newly purchased tires, it will always be with a smile on your face and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every tire sold is cleaned and cared for by our team to ensure it is in the best working condition, and we strive to deliver our high quality products and services fairly and affordably.

5. Best Support: If you’re looking for a quote, clarification, or any extra information regarding our services, you can reach us directly by phone at: 613-900-1205, or by email at: Our knowledgeable, skilled professionals are ready for your queries, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.