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Wheels & Tire Protection

Wheels and Tire Protection Services

The quality and condition of tires and rims play a crucial role in the overall driving performance of your vehicle. Every car-owner knows how important it is to protect your wheels from unnecessary wear and damage. At OttawaUsedTires, we offer all the very best brands of the highest quality, and guarantee their long-lasting performance.

Some of the options available to all of our customers, here in the city of Ottawa and abroad, include the following:

BF Goodrich Tires: Founded in 1870, the BF Goodrich Company was the first rubber company in the United States. We offer their strong, long lasting, durable tires in all of their available varieties, which are both affordable and high in quality.

Bridgestone Tires: Formed in Japan, and manufacturing tires since 1932, we carry a wide selection of their tires, including passenger car tires, all-seasons, winter, summer, and performance tires.

Continental Tires: As one of the leading tire manufacturer in Germany, Continental offers performance tires, passenger tires, winter, summer, and commercial tires, all of which we stock here in-store.

Cooper Tires: A tire manufacturing company founded in 1914, they offer high quality products with some of the best wheel and tire protection options available for your vehicle. Passenger tires, light truck tires, SUV, commercial, winter, and summer tires from the Cooper Tire Company are all carried here in stock.

Dunlop Tires: The Dunlop Company was founded in 1988 and has since grown to be among the top manufacturers of modern tires. We stock all types of tires that they manufacture, including SUV, performance, passenger, all-season, winter, and summer tires.

Firestone Tires: Firestone is known as one of the best tire manufactures in the world. Founded in 1900 with just 12 employees, Firestone has since grown to be a giant in the industry, creating a wide variety of tires to suit every driver, including passenger tires, SUV, performance, winter, summer, light truck, industrial, commercial, as well as OTR tires, all available here and carried in stock.

General Tires: This company was formed in the year 1915, and has since competed strongly with the other giants of the tire manufacturing industry. Best known for creating high quality replacement tires for various vehicle types, we stock their wide range of products including passenger tires, SUV, performance, summer, winter, minivan, light truck, and also commercial tires.

Goodyear Tires: Another heavy-weight in the tire manufacturing industry, Goodyear was hitting hard since 1926 and, interestingly enough, started out by producing tires for bicycles. After quickly advancing to produce high quality tires for motorized vehicles, they now offer an amazing selection of performance, passenger, SUV, all-season, and light truck tires, which can all be found here in our inventory.

Yokohama Tires: Based in Japan, and well known around the world, Yokohama products can no doubt be found here in-store, including their commercial truck and bus tires, passenger car tires, and light truck tires.

Every car owner deserves access to the very best for their vehicle. We offer this access straight from the manufacturer’s source, and guarantee the highest quality products are made available directly to you affordably, with ease, and without hassle.