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Winter Tires

Used Winter Tires In Ottawa

At, there is no tire that we cannot get for our valued customers. Our used tire shop is pleased to offer competitively priced used tires for pickup trucks, passenger trucks and more. We are also your one-stop shop for long-lasting and highly durable used winter tires that will give you safe and convenient driving experience even on the most complex winter roads. Wherever you are in Ottawa, we can guarantee to provide the ultimate used winter tires that will meet your needs and suit your budget. Come and visit our store for reliable replacement tires!

As the cold season approaches, drives need to begin planning for whatever the weather might throw at them. If you are thinking of driving on the snowy weather, you will need robust winter tires in order to cope with the different road conditions.

When winter is approaching, it is about time to give your used summer tires a rest and buy used winter tires in Ottawa from a reliable provider of the most durable and quality used tires in the industry. The roads will be normally wet, cold and slippery. In this situation, you need winter tires that provide much better grip and stability under such conditions. For your overall safety and comfort, it is a great idea to purchase used winter tires from before the cold season starts. – the Leading Provider of Outstanding Used Winter Tires in Ottawa is built upon the foundations of integrity, honesty and dependability, constantly delivering unrivalled services to our customers throughout the Ottawa area. We sit with our customers, discuss their concerns and needs and try to provide the right tires that are suitable for them in terms of performance, quality and cost.

We provide a great selection of used winter tires for all makes and models of truck or car. If you are looking for a specific type of used winter tire, contact us and our friendly and dedicated staff will be happy to serve you any time.

With regards to driving in challenging winter weather, having the appropriate tires for your vehicle matters. From black ice to heavy snowfall, winter roads are highly unpredictable. Such difficult conditions can challenge tires to deliver traction like no other season of the year. Snow, ice and cold temperatures can be met by appropriate winter tires that are designed to perform in these conditions.

When you are in the market, looking for quality used winter tires in Ottawa, there is no any other company to trust but We have been in the industry for many years and have helped hundreds of thousands of customers. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide you the right replacement tires that will deliver you the best driving experience no matter how bad the weather conditions are outside.

Install used snow or winter tires in your car and trust the leading provider of quality and affordable used tires on the market. carries different winter tires that match any vehicle and fit any budget.

Why is a winter tire important?

Winter tires are specially designed to grab snow and ice. Unlike an all-season or summer tire, a snow tire is manufactured with a softer, more flexible rubber formula more suitable for cold weather. Using this compound, a winter tire retains its traction capabilities to hug the road better and to grip snow and ice. A summer or all season tire will tend to become more brittle and inflexible in cold temperatures and will therefore slide much quicker. The ability to bite into snow and ice and to conform to the road is critical in the winter to avoid getting stuck, to steer and corner effectively, and to stop. A tire not made specifically for cold weather cannot function as effectively in these conditions, resulting in less safe stopping and cornering. Many newer cars are equipped with features like antilock brakes, stability control, and even all wheel drive to help with effective maneuvering. However, these systems are only as effective as the tires they drive on, of which they are entirely dependent upon. Picture an emergency room equipped with all the latest and greatest equipment ready to take care of any emergency thrust upon it. If this ER is staffed by only first year med students, all the best technology in the world will not save lives without the critical knowledge of the experienced doctor. Likewise, even the most technologically advanced traction systems in a car are useless without the proper set of tires.

As mentioned earlier, all-season tires are designed to excel in varied but commonplace weather conditions, such as dry roads, rain, and in warmer temperatures in general. They are not engineered for harsher, more specific weather conditions. If tires were vehicles, an all-season would be a family sedan while a winter tire would be a Hummer. It’s not impossible to get through an intense blizzard in a sedan, but it would be a lot more effective to do it in a Hummer. It’s the same way with tires. You may make it through on all-season tires but you will be much safer, and have much better results with a good snow tire. To help simplify your decision making, and to strengthen your understanding, here are some key things to keep in mind regarding winter tires (also known as snow tires), and the importance of them:

Once the temperature drops below 7 degrees celsius, snow tires do a better job of gripping and braking than all-season tires do due to the softer rubber compound that they are made of. While all seasons tend to start losing grip as the temperature approaches freezing, winter tires are designed with the cold weather in mind, and will remain softer as the weather drops.

Some people think about getting only two winter tires and placing them on the wheels that do the driving (i.e. on the front wheels for front-wheel drive vehicles, or on the rears for rear-wheel drive vehicles) but this in not an ideal approach. Having a good quality, matching set of four snow tires on your vehicle proves most affective, considering all wheels have the same tread and tire design.

While used snow tires might seem like a bargain, there are more things to factor in when obtaining them from a private sale. It can be difficult, for example, to know for sure if there is any premature wear or cracks, or if the tires have been patched in the past due to puncture wounds. With no guarantee, you can’t really be sure of their condition, and if they wear out quicker than expected, you have no choice but to buy another set outright. Make sure to buy the used tires from a trusted source like OttawaUsedTires so they can guarantee the quality of the tires for you

While getting a separate set of tires from your all-seasons does cost more, the difference between all-seasons and snow tires can be significant. Studies show that a good set of four winter tires helps you stop much quicker than all-seasons in snowy, icy conditions. In that regard, a good set of winter tires is much better in winter than a great set of all-seasons.

Another point regarding short-term vs. long-term payoffs is the option to use one set of rims between all sets of tires, or to have all sets of tires on their own rims. Though buying winter tires with no rims is cheaper upfront, it costs more to have them switched back and balanced every year. In addition to the increased yearly fees, swapping tires on and off rims can also lead to premature wear and a decreased lifespan.

Needless to say, if you live in an area with considerable snow and ice, you should plan to invest in a good set of snow tires. A single fender bender, or a few missed days of work could cost you as much as a set of tires that will last for several years, not to mention the safety of yourself and of those around you. Getting stuck in the snow, being unable to stop quickly in an emergency, or sliding through a turn are far greater than even the financial consideration. With the knowledge and understanding of what to look for, winter tires will practically pay for themselves in a few seasons. Make the investment and drive safely and confidently in the snow. Your safety — along with everyone else’s on the road — is worth the investment.