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Buying tires in Canada may be more complex than you would think, considering the different types of roads, and the harsh winter months. Nevertheless, as long as you do your research and understand your driving habits, as well as the weather and road conditions in your area, buying a new set of tires can become a much more manageable task than it appears at first glance. To help you out with the decision-making process, we’re going to take a closer look at the different brands available here in Ottawa.

Being the country’s capital, Ottawa is very urbanized with well paved streets, and avenues that are, for the most part, tire-friendly. However, the problems come as the weather changes with each passing season, especially considering we are dealing with extremes on both ends of the spectrum. The Intense summer heat and unbearable winter cold bring with them issues affecting your car’s tires, depending on which type you’re using. The seasonal weather of this city is a very important factor at play when it comes to choosing among the different tire brands.

When it comes to choosing the best tires for your car, you need to consider all of the available options. Not only the big names like Good Year, Bridgestone, or Michelin, but also the the lesser known brands, which are also high in quality, and potentially easier on your budget.

The problem, obviously, is that if you have 20 different brands to choose from, and every driver has different preferences and requirements, then choosing the best tire available among the different brands can become a difficult and exhausting endeavor. That’s why we’re here to summarize the vital information, taking into consideration the consumer reports and, most importantly, the user experience that our fellow Ottawans have amassed over the years of driving around this great city.

Let’s first introduce you to the lesser-known names to help familiarize yourself with options you may not be aware of, and continue up the ladder from there.

At the bottom of our handpicked list of excellent tires is Hankook. The reason Hankook is placed lower isn’t due to a lesser quality or performance, both of which are superb, but actually due to the fact that most of their tires are specially designed for specific situations, such as high performance, or extreme winter tires. They are lacking in the all-season tire department, though, they claim to be remedying that as we speak.

Next up is Yokohama, which provide tires that have always delivered impressive performance with a sporty look, and offer an excellent selection of all-season tires with amazing dry and wet grip, along with impressive tread life. For that they’ve earned a mention among the top tire brands available in Ottawa.

Probably half a step up in our rankings would be Cooper Tires. Though, usually associated with buses and trucks, they also offer a healthy selection of all-terrain tires, as well as all-seasons. No matter what you drive, there’s most likely a Cooper tire perfect for you and your driving needs.

As for the top two spots, we’re going with Continental in second place because they offer the best “bang for our buck” due to their strong focus on the budget-conscious driver, while still excelling in terms of quality across the board. No matter the weather conditions or the terrain, they always have something to offer for every occasion.

And finally, our champion as the best option available in Ottawa goes to Michelin because, even though they are a bit pricier than Continental’s offerings, they always offer an almost perfect combination of grip, handling, and low rolling resistance, all leading to excellent fuel economy. In addition to that, they lead in the tread-wear department. Even with an already long tread life, they also offer tread-wear warranty on all of their replacement tires, which is a generous offering not available from other brands.

That’s a wrap for our review on the best tire brands available in Ottawa, and we hope this helps our fellow Bytowners make the best decision for their needs when it comes to replacing their aging tires.